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When Not To Fly Into Philly

Ever get the sense that arriving in Philadelphia International Airport in the early evening gives you a very good chance of finding your dinner cold?

The Avoid Delays web site confirms. The hour between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. is Philly's worst for late arrivals.

Using U.S. Department of Transportation data from October 2007, the site selects the 7 p.m. hour as the worst time of the day to fly into Philadelphia International Airport.

Philly's 7 - 8 p.m. record is so bad that its the fourth worst hourly arrival stat for ANY U.S. airport.

The good news: It was worse in Nov. 2006, when a 7 p.m. Philly arrival time was the worst time to arrive in the whole country.

Linked at Consumerist, where a commenter responds:

Too bad this wasn't posted yesterday.  I am at the airport, delayed flying back home to Philadelphia.  Wonderful.

Posted 12/23/2007 04:34:42 AM
  Please note the following,, I have flown out of PHL, at 5:30AM and 9:45PM and have had delays, so please adjust the time(s) not to fly out of PHL to the following:
 6AM to 10PM.. That sholud be about right.
PHL Parking Authority
Posted 02/04/2008 10:26:30 AM
Anytime is a bad time to arrive or depart Phila Airport. The delays are bad but the flights overbooked at US Airways and others is ridiculous. Something has to be done about this mess we call an airport.