Not sure how a singer-software engineer from Flatwoods, Ky., could understand our suffering so well, but Ryan Parker posted a painful Philly sports ditty on his blog last night, exactly 12 hours before A.J. Feeley found Seattle's Lofa Tatupu for the first time.

Parker calls his song and accompanying video, "The Curse of Billy Penn."

The old Quaker, famously offended because developers were allowed to build buildings taller than he stands on City Hall, is the one who sucked the life out of D-Mac during his end-of-Super Bowl reverse peristalsis, according to Parker's reading.  Yes, closer inspection reveals a quill from Billy's pen stuck to Joe Carter's fateful bat.

A sampling:

Thanks to the curse I don't know what's worse,
A team that never has hope,
Or a team that believes only to leave,
The Philly fans trying to cope,
Since they have suffered it's gotten much tougher,
To ever expect them to win,
It makes a fan wonder how long they'll be under,
The curse of Billy Penn ...

Looks like Parker floats these around the country, wherever fans are happy, or in this case, hurting.

By email, he said this today:

I know suffering as well being a Cincinnati sports fan...just not the four-sport variety!  I've been writing these sports-related songs for a couple of years now and had received a lot of requests to cover the situation in Philadelphia.  I looked into it and found out about the "curse" and thought it made for a good angle on the topic.