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Brand Philly

Bet you could come up with a better slogan than Philadelphia's two current, rival branding campaigns, one lousy, the other meh, and both funded by hotel taxes that might be put to better use. (Funding our broke schools come to mind.)

As I noted in Wednesday's column, The Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau — PHLCVB for short, which really isn't — is promoting "PHL: Here for the Making."

Yes, we don't like it, either.

VisitPhiliadelphia has "With Love, Philadelphia, xoxo," which makes us think of Gossip Girl, which featured pampered, privileged New Yorkers.

"ATTYTUDE! With or Without" was suggested by reader Don DeMarco, and is certainly more in character than a bunch of school girl "xoxo's."

One wag offered, "Philadelphia: We have a tax for that!"

Another reader suggests that, as the nation was founded in Philadelphia, the city's slogan should be "America's Hometown."

Which is pretty inspired, and certainly superior to the current choices.

Other suggestions?

--Karen Heller