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Jersey Guys

President Obama and Chris Christie resume their Shore bromance.

As The Inqurer's Christie Chronicler, Matt Katz notes in President Obama's tour of the Jersey shore, "the boys of November are back, just in time for summer."

Instead of Christie fleece, the president opted for a blue windbreaker with his name monogrammed on his chest.

Why? Would someone forget his name?

In Asbury Park, sacred Bruce territory, Obama said  "I could see being a little younger and having some fun on the Jersey Shore," but added. "I can't do that anymore - maybe after I leave office."

Not so fast there, Mr. President.

If you can find time to vacation in swank Martha's Vineyard with all the swells, perhaps you could set your sites a little more prole, a little bit closer to home, and vacation with the rest of us guys.

Just picture Michele, Malia, Sasha and the prez on the boardwalk in Wildwood. Or, if they're opting for a more family friendly clime, the dry town of Ocean City.

And your new best GOP pal would welcome you with open arms and a frozen custard.

--Karen Heller