I'm off for a week, so there will be nothing new here, but there will be something old:

Blinq’s archives from back in the day.
The systems genie was kind enough to save Blinq’s archives before we said goodbye to the Typepad blogging platform, and if you look to the right and down a bit, you’ll see you can relive the blog’s salad days, May 2005 - Jan 2007, when I was writing all day, every day, shoes off, dog at my feet.
It was nothing revolutionary, but it was fairly intense. This was my fulltime job and I followed the news of the moment, caring deeply about Terrell Owens and Tucker Max, Scooter Libby and the London bombing, and that web site that consists solely of photos of people giving the finger to Hummers. 
Looking back, a couple reflections: Too many notes – I had not yet figured out the economics of scarcity.
And boy, I miss the conversation.
Quirks in the way the blog migrated to our current publishing system means that everyone’s comments are as visible as the blog posts, which seems appropriate. What was new about Blinq for us was that the audience was able to pull up a seat on stage. For instance.
So the whole interaction, as a blog found its voice and an audience, is preserved for anyone to see.
If you look, you’ll notice it was a really clever audience. Not racist, not dumb. Members signed their names or pseudonyms, and left addresses where everyone could dig deeper into their views. They were also quite disagreeable on occasion. Good. So, wherever you are Citizen Mom, Daily Sally, Above Average Jane, Susie from Philly, Karl Martino, Will, and even William Young and DB Cooper, and on, and on, ... stop Tweeting and posting and poking for a moment and take a bow.