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Park and Lun(ch)

Parking and eating near your favorite lunch spot has never been easier! Well, as long as you work for the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

Ahh, the beloved Philadelphia Parking Authority, the frighteningly efficient folks that know how to truly make your day.

But even parking people must lunch.

Or lun, as one guy is prone to say.

Can't find a parking space near the wondrous Reading Terminal? No problem.

If you work for PPS, just pull a Kojak and park illegally as this lovely citizen-video shows, which is perfect for lunch-time viewing).

What's a Kojak? That's securing the best parking spot imaginable, right in front of your destination and a reference to the 1970's television show starring Telly Savalas as the shaved-pate, lollipop-sucking New York police detective would pull up right in front of City Hall, keys still in the ignition, and bolt up the stairs.

Anyway, the video shows two lunching parking guys right in front of a "No Parking Anytime" sign, tickets affixed to cars nearing, enjoying a midday repast.

As one wag notes in the comments, "Whoa, they're the parking authority, not the driving authority."

Asks the cineaste known as vicdella80 of the dining duo,  "Don't you think you should be leading by example?"


Bon appetit!

--Karen Heller