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Pritchett sees "emerging consensus" re merger

Rutgers-Camden chancellor sees alternatives taking shape to an outright merger with Rowan

Rutgers-Camden Chancellor Wendell Pritchett seems increasingly upbeat about the possibility that his institution may avoid being absorbed into Rowan University.

In an email to the university community Monday, Pritchett writes:

"There is emerging consensus among regional leaders that Rutgers–Camden must remain in southern New Jersey. Moreover, the concepts put forward...acknowledge, and address, the critical need for the resources that will allow Rutgers–Camden to grow as an academic and research institution that will help to power southern New Jersey's economy.

"The creative input of many of our stakeholders has contributed to this new vision of Rutgers–Camden as a campus with greater administrative autonomy while maintaining our vital connections to Rutgers University in such core areas as faculty hiring and promotion; standards for conferring a Rutgers degree upon our students; ongoing support for research; and much more.

"This innovative rethinking of Rutgers–Camden's role within both South Jersey and the entire University is evolving. We will continue to work with regional, state, and University leadership to refine ideas that will allow Rutgers–Camden to thrive. We also will identify and promote opportunities for Rutgers–Camden to partner with Rowan and other institutions in areas where our individual strengths are complementary and, when combined, poised to yield exceptional benefits.

"It remains clear that the status quo for higher education in southern New Jersey must change. The voices of our faculty, alumni, students, staff, families, and friends have signaled that Rutgers–Camden must continue to be an important element of that evolution.

"I look forward to working with you as we continue this positive momentum and constructive dialogue. Thank you for all that you do on behalf of Rutgers–Camden and our region."