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Publicist: Release the drones

Laurel Springs PR exec says he'll launch a fleet

Amazon's Jeff Bezos, whose visions of door-to-door delivery by drone was a peerless, priceless and shamelessly  timed holiday present to himself, has inspired a South Jersey marketing whiz to take his own flight of fancy.

A day after Bezos'  60 Minutes revelation, Swordfish Communications chief Gary Frisch issued a tongue-in-cheeky press release announcing that a trio of drones would soon begin to drop off  "swag" (industry slang for promotional freebies, such as coffee mugs) to bloggers and journos "faster than they can write a story."

During the "pilot" phase of the project, the release said, a trio of high-tech, high-speed robotic devices would be sent 1,500 in the air above the Philadelphia region and make up to six media outlet stops per hour.

"When I first saw the Bezos story, I thought it was something from The Onion," Frisch tells me by phone from his office in Laurel Springs. "It was really cool, but really unbelievable."

He admires the technology (and Bezos' marketing acumen), but doesn't see much of a future for drones at Swordfish.

"Unless," Frisch says, "I'm promoting drones."