If I watched local television news (when we first moved here from Kentucky I had to assure my wife it wasn't real) then I'd know about the SECRET SEX CLUB ON SOUTH STREET.

Actually, this is a good reason to watch local tv news.

Undercover producer goes into the Kama Sutra private club at 7th and South and discovers people having carnal knowledge. At the bar.

"There's people having sex at the bar. There was just every kind of sex, everywhere," said a CBS 3 Undercover Producer.

Let's quote some more from KYW's Web article:

CBS 3 showed L&I our undercover video and after a surprise inspection they concluded the club at seventh and South streets is illegal. L&I officials say it's zoned to be a restaurant, not a place were people can have sex while others watch.

That sort of zoning probably costs more.

The community is not amused.

David Hammond, the director of the South Street Headhouse District wants Kama Sutra gone for good.

"South Street has the reputation of being the hippest street in town, but you gotta draw the line somewhere," stated Hammond.

Apparently AD Amorosi was hip to it, though. In a City Paper column from October 2004, he wrote: Club Kama Sutra of South Street fame will open its second secret sex club, this one in the Allentown area with pre-opening parties Oct. 16 and Oct. 23. Call 866-CLUB-CKS.

Tip to Allentown reporters. Check it out.

Seems the City Paper did a whole cover story on the SECRET SEX CLUB in February 2004.

The Daily News's Dan Gross reached the owner yesterday:

"Club Kama Sutra has been operating for five years with the full knowledge and approval of all governmental authorities," owner Alan Tizer told us yesterday.

"CKS complies with all laws and has all necessary permits, licenses and certificates," Tizer said. "CKS parties are private assemblies of consenting adults. To the extent that L&I may have found some minor code violations, they will be examined and immediately corrected. Any business in the city, subject to a secret midnight raid, would probably turn up a few code violations."

The club, which from the outside appears to be a restaurant called Señor Rattler's Cantina, initially welcomed only couples, but recently began allowing single adults to party there, too, Gross reported.

Today the Daily New columnist holds L & I's feet to fire, wondering why they got interested in the story after the TV undercover report - when they knew about the place at least since 2001.