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Swimmer on mission has wild ride on latest plunge

Doug Maday, embarked on a quest to take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean every day for a year, found the going rough on Day 99.

Doug Maday, whose plan to swim in the Atlantic Ocean every day for a year was the subject of an article in Sunday's Inquirer, took his 99th plunge Tuesday at 7:15 a.m.

The waves off Seaside Park's M Street were "huge" and "brutal," he said, and carried him 75 feet south in seconds. "It was not bad for me," Maday said, "but conditions were not good. I got out right away."

Friends who watched Tuesday's ride described it as "pretty wild," he said.

The website described Tuesday's weather as "bitterly cold and cloudy," with the water temperature at 48 degrees and high winds making the air feel like 28 degrees.

Maday, a used car dealer, resolved in late August to swim in the ocean 365 days in a row. He took his first plunge on Labor Day.