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Tan, Rested & Ready?

Will you remember where you were when the Palin emails were released?

Selfishly, I filed Sunday's column early today to maximize my real-time reading of the massive Sarah Palin email blast.

What, you aren't spending this lovely afternoon poring over 24,000 gripes and grievances by the foxiest VP candidate since Adlai Stevenson?

(Lord, if you are listening, please compile this electronic enlightenment into a book I can take to the beach.)

It's early, but already digging one exchange concerning a super-important matter of state occupying the Alaska governor's brain in 2008: Palin's desire to install a tanning bed in the Governor's House.

Here is the e-mail from the house manager to the woman who could have been one heartbeat away from the presidency:

Subject : Options for Bed
Hello Governor,
The two options for the tanning bed are:
1. Install the bed in the basement next to the dryer and share the 220 outlet with the dryer.
The bed would fit against the wall where the table is currently located; plugging and unplugging the bed and dryer would be necessary as an extension cord cannot be used with the 220 outlet. (The Housekeeping table could be moved to the Kitchen Prep room.)
2. 220 outlet in Cedar Closet (Additional breaker box to increase capacity to 3rd floor).
Benefits to the House: The third floor breaker is at capacity; it would be beneficial to increase capacity for future use verses the basement where it isn't an issue. This option would allow for additional circuit loads on the 3rd floor to install washer/dryer during phase 2 of the plumbing project. The state would pay for the replacement of the breaker box.
Anchor Electric: Cedar Room $3,252.35
It would take 1-2 days to schedule the electrician and a few days work to have it up and running.
Please advise on how you would like for me to proceed.

-- Monica Yant Kinney

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