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Tanning her hide

Electro-bronzed mom gets lambasted in New Jersey

A New Jersey mom who allegedly allowed her six-year-old daughter into a commercial tanning chamber has pleaded not guilty to a child endangerment charge.

"It's a lie," a dramatically electro-bronzed Patricia Krentcil told reporters Wednesday outside Superior Court in Newark.

Krentcil, 44, claims her daughter Anna got sunburned the old-fashioned way -- by playing outside.

"I'd never endanger her life by putting her under the ultraviolet light," she said.

Krentcil's own epidermis is another matter; in videos and photographs, she looks sufficiently...unusual for a downtown fashion runway or renegade music video.

Perhaps she could be a TV spokesmodel for the latest tattoo/piercing/body mod products and processes with which millions of trendy consumers deface themselves, and the landscape, these days.

But since Krentcil lives in Nutley, rather than, say, LA, she's SO not cool.

"Ugly," "stupid" and "horrible" are some of the descriptives posted online.

And no less an authority than Snooki told Extra that Krentcil, whom she referred to as "that -----," is "crazy."

Arguably as crazy: After Anna complained of having a sunburn and babbled about tanning with mommy, someone at her school called the cops.