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An historic evolution

Obama embraces same-sex marriage

I already knew that intelligent, reasonable, decent people can and do disagree about gay marriage.

But reactions to President Obama's historic declaration have re-opened my eyes.

Gays, straights, liberals, conservatives and pretty much everyone else is facing off – fiercely.

And not just on my Facebook page.

Those of us who salute the president's "evolution" on this issue, as I do, are being cautioned not to select our same-sex china patterns just yet.

Obama, we're advised, has merely changed his views for "political" reasons -- as if a person elected to the nation's highest political office ought to be above politics. This notion is nearly as strange as the spectacle of thrice-divorced gasbag Rush Limbaugh opining that single-spouse Obama is waging "war" on traditional marriage.

Others rather blithely suggest gays should allow our private lives to be put to a plebiscite -- as if neighbors should publicly weigh in upon each other's spousal selections.

Or as if certain people ought to be made to win a popularity contest in order to exercise the civil rights we all share, and cherish.

Mostly, though, the disagreements remind me of the far better chance at life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness gay Americans enjoy today.

That evolution occurred mainly because we became brave enough to embrace the truth.

Now Obama has done the same.

Thank you, Mr. President.