New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney has proposed including 12 political appointees on an expanded Rutgers' board of 19 governors.

Which sounds like a dozen types of trouble.

Big surprise, Sweeney's proposal is gaining traction in Trenton. A legislative panel has backed the plan.

The board of governors is the more powerful of Rutgers two oversight bodies. Sweeney has basically declared war with the state univeristy and last year sought to abolish the 59-member board of trustees, which consists of actual alumni invested in Rutgers' operation.

Sweeney argues that scandals, including men's former basketball coach Mike Rice penchant for hurling basketballs and epithets at players, have damaged the school's reputation and "its ability to purse academic excellence."

So this would make sense.

Because nothing enhances a university's academic reputation like a collection of Jersey pols.

--Karen Heller