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Tint My Ride

Many Mural Arts projects seem too literal, too representational and more about painting over problems (and problem buildings) than addressing the issues themselves.

But Katharina Grosse's amazing work-in-progress along the Amtrak and SEPTA tracks from 30th Street to North Philadelphia is an unalloyed joy. It's all mood, motion and color, plus an element of surprise, that doesn't hit you over the head but produces admiration and smiles.

The Berlin-based artist's installation at multiple sites, paint covering grass and then an entire abandoned building several stories high, is entitled "psychylustro." Grosse works with bright, environmentally friendly paint that is designed to fade away.

To us, the installation is a Creamsicle dream in bright orange, pink and green with stripes of white.

The work will be formally dedicated Saturday, May 17, but we're already loving the show.

(Photos courtesy by Steve Weinik for the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.)

--Karen Heller