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Trenton typewriters go Hollywood

Rick Dutczak's machines show up in Men in Black 3

If you saw Men in Black 3 you may have noticed the retro typewriters clattering away during an office scene set in 1969.

For that sleek touch of verisimilitude amid the sci-fi silliness, you can thank Rick Dutczak, whom I wrote about in my column last year.

"It was exciting to see (the typewriters) in the movie," says Dutczak, 52, the proprietor of Karl Business Machines in Mercerville, N.J..

He who sold 20 IBM Selectric 1 machines -- at $200 each -- to the film's producers in 2011, and saw the movie for the first time Sunday at the AMC theaters in Hamilton.

Dutczak was pleased by how new the machines looked on the big screen.

"They wanted 13 of them that actually worked, so we overhauled them, and washed them and touched them up," he says.

Dutczak also would be happy to go Hollywood again -- "if I get the opportunity."