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Sculpture Garden

The Art Museum dedicates sculpture garden to late director Anne d’Harnoncourt.

Claes Oldenburg's Giant Three-Way Plug (Cube Tap) recently given to the Philadelphia Art Museum of Art in honor of Anne d'Harnoncourt (its late director, who died in 2008) rests on a knoll in the sculpture garden. The year-old garden, built on the roof of a new underground parking garage was named in d'Harnoncourt's honor at an early evening ceremony. Museum Drive was also renamed Anne d'Harnoncourt Drive.

"To Darkness" Isamu Noguchi (1965), Miharu granite, 66 x 70 x 30 inches

One of the reasons I enjoy shooting asssignments in the arts is because since it often involves self expression, I figure I can backlight, use negative space, or embrace shadows to the full extent of my aesthetic abilities.

So, while a silhouette might not be appropriate for the profile of a new choir director, when the "story" is a landscaped garden of sculptures, I feel the photos aren't out of context if they're not all straightforward.

The view through a concrete window in the parking garage is a statue of General Friedrich Von Steuben by Warren Wheelock (1947).  It's not with the sculpture garden, but part of the William M. Reilly Memorial to Revolutionary War Heroes.