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Ode to Devlin

Most of the e-mails I receive from readers are usually of the "you suck" kind. Every now and then, however, I'll get a doozy or two. In light of Pat Devlin's transferring out of Penn State one reader, an alum, composed a funny little poem about the dearth of Irishmen to thrive at Penn State under coach Joe Paterno. It's a tongue-in-cheek ditty, so please don't take offense. Give us your best Penn State poem. Now laugh away ...

Most Old Lions Know
The "real issue" with Joe
And those called PaternO
Is: "No Irish need ApplyO."
To the Rose Bowl we go
Where the Claret Winds blow,
With Jay and Old Joe,
But no Mcs in tow,
As the Blue makes its stand
In that hostile Red land,
Let's all raise a bumper
To Ed Monaghan!