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Rose Bowl, Day 1

LOS ANGELES -- Yesterday, as you can imagine, was quite hectic, so I couldn't post the happenings at the opening Rose Bowl media event at Disneyland. But here's a rundown of what we had in this morning's paper, which pretty much sums up yesterday. Joe Paterno and his captains were introduced at the event and their newness made an impact despite the fact that everyone thinks the Lions have no shot against the Trojans.

Paterno is still up in the air over where he will be come game time. He was still walking very gingerly, however.

I had a little fun with yesterday's event at Disneyland, where everyone is just so happy. It makes an east coaster like me almost want to puke.

In Talkin', Bob Ford, Phil Sheridan and I discuss the Pat Devlin situation.

And finally, here's our whimsical take on what Paterno is doing out here:

What Joe did yesterday: Joe showed up for a Rose Bowl media event at Disneyland and didn't seem the least bit peeved by the whole thing. Some considered this a miracle.

What Joe might do today: Joe might appear on MTV's The Hills. He might be caught gossiping about how he can't believe Heidi is still going out with Spencer (That creep!). He might then hit a posh, advertised club in West Hollywood and do his best to avoid the paparazzi.

Whew. That's it. I guess they don't want me out here doing anything else but working.