Wall St Journal reports: "Comcast Corp. says for security, certain senior executives must use company planes for business and personal travel. Last July, the cable giant bought a third jet for its fleet, a new Dassault Falcon 900 that can cost upwards of $40 million. The plane was needed, a spokesman said, because the company anticipated more business travel after its acquisition of NBC Universal.

"The new jet's most frequent destination in its first six months, after its home base of Philadelphia, was the island of Martha's Vineyard, Mass., where CEO Brian Roberts has a house. The plane made 24 trips there in that period, mostly in the summer, FAA records show.

"Starting in October, the jet also began flying to Palm Beach, Fla., where Mr. Roberts has another home..

"By year end, nearly two thirds of the plane's flights were to or from those and six other resort destinations, including Augusta, Ga., Big Sky, Mont., and the Hamptons. Over the full four years, 42% of flights made by the Comcast fleet were to or from resort areas, among the highest percentage for the companies reviewed by the Journal.

"A Comcast spokesman said use of the planes 'significantly enhances the efficiency of our executives' conduct of business,' and that a 'majority' of the aircraft use is for business purposes. He said executives are required to reimburse part of their travel expenses using a formula Comcast won't disclose."