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Bra flap: What not to do on a video call

A public-service message, sort of, on "Video Chat Etiquette"

We get a lot of pitches. This one's from some broadband-webcam video conferencing firm in New York called It's labeled "Video Chat Etiquette." We were going to toss it with all the others. But we were kind of intrigued by the line about "etiquette standards on mass accepted behavior." And how it ought to be applied to video conferencing. Where you can see them, but they can also see you.

Well, how hard can that be? Don't pick your nose, or yawn while the boss is talking. But ooVoo's publicist, one Samantha Freeman of PJ Inc., also posted an example we hadn't thought of: "Please DON'T remove articles of clothing while on a video conference." Complete with a low-res not-like-this example from a YouTube video of uncertain provenance. Which we're linking here. As a public service: