The Dow-Jones editors have voted Citigroup and General Motors off the Dow-Jones Industrial Average. They replaced the still-vast but ailing bank and the fast-shrinking carmaker with insurer Travelers Group (which actually owned Citi for a few years, sort of) and giant router-maker Cisco Systems.

"Dow Jones (is) subbing the Information Superhighway (CSCO) for the old-style rubber-meets-the-road highway (GM) and giving Citi the heave-ho in favor of its spin-off," sums Dan Wiener of the Independent Advisor for Vanguard Investors newsletter.

Good choices? Maybe for a computer-makers index: Cisco joins Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel already on the Dow, notes Zack's Investment Service analyst Charles Rotblut here. He'd rather Dow added "knowledge-based" Google instead of yet another hardware manufacturer.

And instead of Travelers, Rotblut would rather see -- Monsanto, since food is replacing finance on the world scene, somehow.

Zack's is out on a limb with that. Monsanto's a lot like DuPont, which is still a Dow stock.  JPMorgan, run by Citi refugees and still solvent after all these years, is the natural Dow replacement for Citi.  Whoa but JPM's already IN the Dow --