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EvolveIP adds cloud-computing centers

Buys Paragrid

EvolveIP, a Wayne-based company that hosts cloud computing, unified communications services (Internet-phone-data) and call-and-contact services, says it has bought a Cleveland-based cloud-computing firm, Paragrid, and its two data centers in Cleveland, adding a Midwest base to its existing East Coast and Las Vegas centers.

EvolveIP won't say what it's paying Paragrid's owners, who include chief executive Brian Berg, who will join EvolveIP . EvolveIP founding partner Guy Fardone told me the deal will boost employment from nearly 100 to 120. "We're growing so rapidly, we add a few every other month," he added. "We're retaining the Paragrid team and adding it to our Midwest region," which includes a Chicago office.

Fardone, chairman Tom Gravina and their partners started EvolveIP in 2007 after selling their previous company, ATX Communications. They sell their current menu of services through 200 "agent-partners" and their own direct sales force, targeting midsized companies (50 - 3,000 employees) and competing with Amazon and other big cloud-server providers.