Philadelphia-based multinatoinal chemical maker FMC Corp. says it's setting up a new unit, FMC Environmental Solutions, to combine a group of anti-pollution products in its industrial-chemicals business group.
1) Air Pollution Control will sell hydrogen peroxide (H202), sprayed through a NASA-licensed tecchnology to neutralize nitrous oxides from power plant and factory discharge; and bicarbonate of soda, plus ground carbonates (trona), which, produced in a joint venture with India's Tata Group, to neutralize sulphuric acid and other corrosive smokestack chemicals.
2) Soil and Groundwater Remediation makes and sells "fast-acting chemicals" used to neutralize organic-chemical and metal pollution below industrial sites and in the water table. 

3) Water Treatment will add FMC's Peroxygens business, which sells chlorine alternatives to municipal wastewater plants, with anti-bacterial treatments (VigorOx oil and gas) that help reduce sulfur pollution at oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale gas fields, North Dakota's Bakken oil fields and other energy drilling sites.

The Environmental group will be headed by FMC's Amy O'Shea, a 16-year FMC veteran (Drexel MBA, Boston U liberal-arts) of FMC operations in the U.S. and Mexico, who told me she transferred over from the company's pesticides group. The new group will help FMC sell "cost and compliance" solutions to industrial and government customers around the world, said Mark Douglas, O'Shea's boss as head of FMC Industiral Chemicals.