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PA votes billions for developers, dredging, Family Court

Our legislators keep adding new projects to be funded with the people's money

The more-or-less final version of Pennsylvania's capital budget bill, House Bill 2291, which passed the Republican-run Senate Wednesday and is pending in the Democratic House, swells the proposed new wish list of "public improvements," transportation and redevelopment assistance to more than $12 billion, from the original $4 billion.

Those projects, built with borrowed money, won't all get funded, and they won't all be built soon. Most will need matching funds from other sources, plus final approval from Gov. Rendell or his successor. But lawmakers are rushing to get them all approved before Rendell ends his term in January.

Below are some of the projects most recently added in the Philly area. There are hundreds more here and across the state. Read the bill here (version 4386)