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How Vanguard, Unisys cope with slowdown

Vanguard boosted marketing, Unisys cut costs. Both are prospering, according to the numbers.

Two PhillyDeals columns you might have missed if you don't get the print Inquirer:

1) Sunday: Even after reverse-splitting the stock 10 for 1, Unisys shares are up 10X since last winter's lows. But the stock is still way below its highs for early 2008. Ceo Ed Coleman has cut costs, including 3,000 jobs. But can he boost sales? 

2) Last Sunday: Vanguard Group has boosted its lead over the rest of the mutual fund industry by selling more index funds, bond funds and exchange-traded funds over the past year, allowing the Malvern mutual fund giant to avoid the layoffs plaguing other financial services.