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Sales-lead software firm raises $7M from Comcast and friends

LeadiD of Ambler plans growth

LeadiD, an Ambler sales-lead software platform developer that says it helps 350 clients (including eFinancial and Urban Science) that collects sales lead history data and advises companies on how to use it, says it has raised $7 million in expansion funding from Comcast Ventures, Tribeca Venture Partners, and Genacast Ventures (Genacast, based at Comcast, led LeadiD's $2.7 milllion in early-stage seed funding.)

Boss Ross Shanken, in a statement, says his firm, founded in 2011, is making the sales-lead generation businss more efficient. Sam Landman, principal at Comcast Ventures, called LeadiD a "first-mover" among sales-lead providers. It could "disrupt large, established markets," said Gil Beyda of Genacast.