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Phila firm building new German factory

Kingsbury bearings expansion

Kingsbury Inc., the family-owned Philadelphia-based turbine and pump bearings maker, says it plans to open a German factory next month, where it is installing machining, lifting and climate-control equipment to serve central European markets. The move "was the natural outgrowth" of Kingsbury's two-year-old Gottingen, Germany sales office, said managing director Morched Medhioub PhD. in a statement. It will focus on "fluid film bearing products," added vice president Mick McCann.

Kingsbury employs around 125 (updated) at its office and plant near Northeast Philadelphia Airport. The company also operates a factory in Oshkosh, Wisc. (140 workers), and bearing-repair facilities in Hatboro, Montgomery County (35 workers), and Yuba City, Calif.; the Yuba City plant is moving into a new, larger facility this summer.