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Tiger Woods TV ads vanish: report

"This is a private matter"

"Advertisements featuring Tiger Woods have disappeared from prime-time broadcast television and many cable channels following reports of his extramarital affairs, according to data from Nielsen Co.," reports Bloomberg here. None of his corporate sponsors told the news service they're cancelling deals. He's just scarce, right now.

"The last prime-time ad featuring the 33-year-old golfer was a 30-second Gillette Co. spot on Nov. 29... Woods also was absent from ads on weekend sports programs tracked, including NFL games...

"The Pac-10 college athletic conference hasn't decided whether to continue an advertisement featuring Woods, a Stanford University alum, according to Jim Muldoon, a spokesman...

"Woods has endorsement agreements with Accenture Plc, Nike Inc., PepsiCo Inc.'s Gatorade, Tag Heuer International SA watches, Electronic Arts Inc., Upper Deck Co., NetJets Inc., TLC Vision Corp. and Procter & Gamble Co.'s Gillette. None have said they've changed their marketing."

Forbes says Woods makes over $100 million a year peddling their stuff. Gillette told Bloomberg it hadn't pulled Woods ads, but "wouldn't comment" on how often they're now running.

"Nike's golf division isn't changing its advertising plans, Beth Gast, a spokeswoman for the Beaverton, Oregon-based company, said in an e-mail. "Tiger Woods is important to TLC Vision," James Hyland, a spokesman for the Canadian eye-care company told Bloomberg. "Our relationship with him continues without change. This is a private matter and we have no further comment."