USA Technologies Inc. (USAT) said ex-director Bradley Tirpak has launched another attempt to take over the $25 million (yearly sales), money-losing, Malvern-based company, which makes the e-Port credit card payment system for use at vending machines and other small-ticket retail sales points.

In a statement, USAT said Tirpak has served notice he plans present himself and six allies as board candidates attempting a "hostile takeover" in this year's director election. USAT said incumbent directors, who are led by chairman Stephen P. Herbert, will oppose the insurgents,  In the statement, Herbert said the company, which employs 50, had "achieved significant progress" toward profits and better effeciency. The shares traded today at $1.74, down about $2 from last Spring's high. 

Tirpak, head of Locke Partners LLC, New York, resigned as a USAT director earlier this year after a dispute with his colleagues, according to USAT. He had joined the board in 2010 after a previous takeover attempt.
Herbert, a former Pepsi-Cola manager, took the top job at USAT last year after replacing George P. Jensen Jr., who resigned after the board suspended him for making unauthorized postings on Internet stock boards.