www.moxyvote.com goes live today. That's the new shareholder-voting site financed by West Chester-based TFS Capital LLC, the investment and fund partnership started by brothers Rich and Kevin Gates and Larry Eiben.

The site solicits activist shareholders - Bell Telephone retirees, the UFCW union, the Unitarian church - to collect shareholders' online votes on annual shareholder resolutions like Microsoft's political donations, or divestment from politically unsavory companies by thePutnam and American mutual funds.

Moxy says it takes care of the paperwork to ensure the votes are recorded. Click and vote.

Gates' childhood friend Mark Schlegel runs the site, which is backed, so far, by $2 million from the seven-member TFS partnership. There's no decision yet on whether ads, subscriptions or fees will fund future operations. "Right now we're all about attracting traffic," Rich Gates told me.

"People aren't passionate about voting proxies. But they are passionate about issues that are dear to them," said Schlegel. "We've made it as easy as possible for people to participate in voting their proxies," he added. "If shareholders had been more participants in proxy voting before the financial crisis, for issues like executive compensation or getting rid of directors who are on eight different boards and CEO of another company, we might not have avoided the crisis, but we might have been able to avoid some of the issues."