The Wharton School out at the University of Pennsylvania holds its yearly Venture Finals, a sort of "Shark Tank" competition for MBA-student tech- company founders, at the yearly Wharton Business Plan Competition, Wednesday afternoon, starting at 1 pm, at Huntsman Hall (38th St. SE of the Locust footbridge), for the $30,000 Michelson prize and lesser awards.
 Free to those who register at
After the eight 20-minute presentations (including Q&As), the crowd will weigh 90-seconds-or-so Elevator Pitches for a $3,000 People's Choice Award.
Judges: Alara Capital managing partner Mike Burns; Karlin Asset Management president David Cohen; Compass Partners LLC chairman Richard Perlman; Spark Capital general partner Santo Politi. 
1 -Graphene Frontiers - Mike Patterson - "High-quality, low cost graphene films in production volumes" 
2- Bounce Exchange - Cole Sharp and team - A Website feature that pushes "re-engagement content" to people who would otherwise leave a Web site
3- Calcula - Evan Werlin and team - Urology "disruption" - Kidney stone removal without anaesthesia!
4 - QMagico - Claudia Massei - Web-based school system for far-flung Brazilians "at a very reasonable price"
5 - 1DocWay - Samir Malik and team - "An online doctor's office" targeting "underserved patient populations"
6 - RightCare Solutions - Eric Heil and team - Medical "discharge planning and readmission management" 
7 - Grand Round Table - Kristy Leong and team - "Simple-to-use platform" linking doctors with specialists
8 - ChondroPro BioSciencs - Jamil Beg and team - An osteoarthritis-fighting technology
This is real life; "most" of the finalists 'go on to become sustainable businesses," says Wharton spokesman Peter Winicov. Examples include "last year’s Michelson Grand Prize Winner, Stylitics, launched in private beta in November 2011..., named by one of the 'Top 10 Startups in Brazil'"and now a force in South American retail diapers; "Warby Parker which continues to disrupt the eyeglass industry"; PetPlan USA ; Infranscan ; Kembrel ; BuySafe; NetConversions; Innova DynamicsMicroMRI.