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Celebrating Dylan's 69th

"How does it feel?," is, I suppose, the obvious question. Bob Dylan turns 69 today, but they'll be no answers forthcoming from the Bard, at least until Saturday, when the songwriting deity opens the latest leg of the Never Ending Tour in Athens. (That's Greece, not Georgia.) If you're looking for a way to celebrate in Philadelphia, however, there are options. At the Skyline Room at Rembrandt's in the Art Museum area, there's a four-hour plus Bob Dylan Birthday Bash going on, which will feature a few dozen Philadelphia songwriters, each taking a shot at a Dylan song. (Info here.) Among the 44 performers are John Houlon of John Train doing  "I Threw It All Way" (nice choice), Suzy Brown essaying "Buckets Of Rain" and '50s rockabilly star Charlie Gracie putting some pep into "Blowin' In The Wind." It kicks off at 8, and it'll be tempting to stick around till at least 11:30 or so, when Jason Cohn has a go at "Who Killed Davey Moore?" Hear Bob sing that here. And if you'd rather sing than watch,  there's an opportunity to break out your wheezing Dylan imitation at the Bob Dylan Birthday Karaoke night at 12 Steps Down at 9th and Christian in South Philadelphia. More info on that here.

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