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There Must Be Some Kind Of Way Out Of Here

Bob Dylan, who plays the Liacouras Center in North Philadelphia tonight, told his Theme Time Radio Hour satellite radio audience a while back that he had been contacted by a couple of global positioning system companies to give voice directions. He was probably joking, but who's to say? You didn't think you'd ever hear him cheerfully skipping though "Here Comes Santa Claus," much less record an entire album of Yuletide ditties, as he's done with the alternately delicious and indigestible as bad fruitcake new Christmas In The Heart, did you? (There's a widget on Dylan's web site which will allow you to listen to a snippet of "Must Be Santa," which is one of Christmas' winners. But just buy the album, Dylan fans: Proceeds go to Feeding America.) And while we wait for our Dylan Tom Toms to turn up under the tree, the folks at McSweeney's - actually one folk named Dan Wilbur - came up with some suggested Dylan GPS one liners, such as "Wow, momma, can this really be a dead end?," and "How many roads must a man drive down before you can say you have have reached your destination?"  More here. Thanks to DylanTweets for the heads up.

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