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Watch What You're Doing With That iPad, Please

At the Roots Pre-Picnic Jam at the Legendary Dobbs on South Street on Friday, I bore witness to the latest disturbing trend in concert going behavior. It's not enough anymore to hold your iPhone up above your head to chronicle the goings-on onstage. You must now hold your iPad in the air, and wave it like you just don't care - if anyone else behnd you can see the show. Because it's not important that that other people have a clear line of vision of the stage. What matters most is that everyone knows you own an iPad, and you're stupid enough to use it as a video camera in a crowded music club.

Yes, of course, the person pictured - while trying to capture The Roots' Tariq "Black Thought" Trotter rapping with the Jeff Bradshaw's Brass Heaven - did drop her tablet while in the midst of this poorly conceived endeavor. And of course it fell on the head of a person near and dear (and standing next) to me. (Don't worry, she survived without stitches.) And no, unfortunately, the iPad did not break into a million pieces when it hit the floor.

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