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"Bridesmaids" Shows Studios The Way

Hollywood To Mimic "Bridesmaids"

The break-out word of mouth hit of the early summer, hands down, is "Bridesmaids," and Hollywood has taken note.

"Bridesmaids" producer Judd Apatow is reportedly working with its director, Paul Feig, and co-star Melissa McCarthy on a new comedy about marriage. The piece in Jezebel notes the difference between what Apatow does -- hiring comedy-world and improv vets like McCarthy -- and your standard Hollywood female-oriented comedy, which tends to build around an established star, say a Cameron Diaz or a Reese Witherspoon.

The piece also notes that the audience for "Bridesmaids" was 67 percent female, while the audience for "Hangover II" was 51 percent female. It's the second number that's a bit shocking. Or maybe not, when you consider that the audience for Congressman Weiner's social media presentations was 100 percent female.

By the way, have you noticed that today's notorious public figures now have names that come straight from Dickens, or an Austin Powers movie? Bernie Madoff "made off" with a billion dollars of OPM, and Weiner twittered his own weiner.