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A Different Perspective on "First Class"

NYT Op-Ed: New "X-Men" colorful, but a little white

Atlantic Editor Ta-Nehisi Coates, writing in the NYT, loved the new "X-Men" but thought it could have used its 1962 setting -- the peak of the Civil Rights movement -- to honor the comic's legacy as a champion of minorities.

The movie's heroes, he said, are "a team of enlightened white dudes." You get the idea that Coates would have liked to have seen Darwin (Edi Gathebi) contribute more to the story.

As it stands, Darwin's quick exit puts you in mind of the black security guards in "Star Trek." Years ago, the expendable security guard became a great stand-up joke (the cube) for Franklin Ajaye, who by the way makes a cameo in "Bridesmaids" as Maya Rudolph's dad.