As any rabid Shark Tank fan can tell you, Friday's episode showed Shark Mark Cuban investing some $1.75 million into Rugged Events LLC, parent company to The Great Bull Run. Now, thanks to that fateful investment, the Philly area will see its own Great Bull Run this June.

The Great Bull Run itself is modeled off the famed running of the bulls, though it features multiple runs throughout the day along with an accompanying "Tomato Royale," which is exactly what you think it is. Mohnton's Maple Grove Raceway will host the area's first bull-based event June 7.

"I'm super excited to be part of the Rugged Races team," Cuban said via a release.  "I am anticipating the explosion of experiential entertainment and very few people execute this as well as [Rugged Events]."

Explosion or no, tickets are going for $55 to $75 for runners, $35 to $50 for Tomato Royale participants, and $10 to $15 for spectators. If you want to run, you've got to be at least 18 and be willing to, you know, outrun enormous, murderous bulls.

"The runners are ultimately responsible for dodging the bulls when they come through, but we've taken additional measures to decrease the risk of injury and make this event accessible to everyone, not just the craziest thrill seekers out there," said Rugged Events co-founder Rob Dickens in a statement.

Additionally, the bulls reportedly don't have sharpened horns like in the traditional bull run, and as a result, just two runners out of the five past Great Bull Runs have needed "significant medical attention." So, at least the statistics are on your side.

The injuries for bulls is even less, at zero to date. Additionally, a press release insists that the bulls are "closely monitored at all times by veterinarians." And, also, they aren't killed after the day's events. As a runner, hopefully you also will be so lucky.

Grab tickets here. But, more importantly, brush up on your sprinting skills—June is closer than you think.