When South Philly couple Freddie Pantalone and Erika Tartaglini attended last year's South Street Spring Festival, they loved it. In fact, they loved it so much, that at this past weekend's events, Pantalone decided to pop the question to his unsuspecting future bride. And because, after all, no street festival is complete without at least one great flash-mob-style proposal.

A former GREAT (gang resistance education and training) program instructor with the Philadelphia police at the Philadelphia School for Creative & Performing Arts, Pantalone reached out CAPA professor LeDeva Davis for some help. Davis worked with a group of students to organize a group dance to Bruno Mars' "Marry You," with more and more dancers joining in as the song went on. A little bit of practice, and they were ready to surprise the unwitting Tartaglini.

As you can see in the video, festival goers on 5th and South got a surprise when "Marry You" came over the local loudspeakers. From there, the dance section gets into swing, and Pantalone gets dragged away from the crowd after a dancer grabs his arm. Tartaglini reportedly thought it was a "completely random thing," and was surprised to find her beau coming back with a ring.

This stuff right here, people? This is what spring is made for.

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