Google obviously knows everything and has the ability to both impress and scare the heck out of people with its ability to uncover our deepest secrets based on our searches.

So what happened when The New York Times requested the top trending holiday searches from cities across the U.S. from Google? As you can imagine the search generated some clichéd results about particular cities (Harvard sweatshirts in Boston and Ohio State gear in Columbus) but in general our country is obsessed with shoes, headphones and toys.

Cards Against Humanity, Beats headphones and Michael Jordan or LeBron James sneakers were very popular in searches.

Keep in mind these results aren't specific to particular items searched the most.

"The data does not show the gifts searched most often, because those are too similar nationwide, like 'iPhone 6'and 'ugly Christmas sweater.' This data provides something less tangible than retail spending numbers that show an economy on the upswing. They reveal a repository for our collective wants."

As for Philly, the top searches were jogger pants, Men's Uggs, Lego, which is interesting but, in some ways, expected.

The jogger pants are certainly justified since you can't go anywhere without seeing women walking around outside in workout spandex.

Lego is a very common toy for children and has been for decades, so no surprise there.

But the Men's Uggs is where things get questionable. Boston seems more likely to search for Uggs than Philly since Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is notorious for not only wearing them but also gifting them to teammates. But let's just wait and see if more men are sporting that style in 2015.

Check out the complete list here.