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Bangs are Back, Baby!

Two weeks  I was chatting it up with Julianna Lose, a recent graduate of the University of Arts, at her new Liberty Place pop-up store, All by Hand, I noticed she wore the cutest bangs. (Shout Out to Julianna.) Then I started noticing everyone wearing bangs from Alicia Keys to New Moon star Kristen Stewart. So I decided to write a story about how hot bangs are now.  I have an amazing case of bang envy.  But now thanks to products - and of course, extensions - everybody, even I if I so chose too, can wear fantastic bangs. I told my good friend Ursula Augustine about my quest for fabulously banged locals and she snapped this pic at Rittenhouse Square's Adolf Biecker salon. All three of these ladies have achieved bang nirvana whether wispy or full. On another note, thanks to Jenni Nguyen of  Plume salon for supplying a wonderful model and tips on we all can achieve bang perfection. Anybody out there recently go from layers to bangs?