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Nestology Pops Up at King of Prussia Mall

A group of some of the city's hottest artists have come together to create  a trendy Pop up store at in the Pavilion in King of Prussia Mall.  Nestology - the brain child of Stacey Flygirrl Wilson - will host a grand opening Thursday and will feature the fashions of the well known from Craig Arthur von Schroeder and partner in crime, Bela Shehu of growing men's shirt label Commonwealth Proper, Old City's Smak Parlour Girls, Abby and Kate and Liza Gonzalez' old school -style baseball clothing line, Vintage Blue.

I'm sure the fashions are fantastic - I can't wait to check out the reversible hooded scarfs by Latau Designs, Maren Reese or NIC*FISH clothing by women's wear designer Nicole Fisher - but what's exciting about this Pop-up is the star quality. Stacy Wilson is known for her graphic arts work with celebrities like The Roots and Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. She's also responsible for the weekly old school dance party at Fluid, Tasty Treats - where I frequent from time to time.

I didn't know Stacey was an artist, though. Her palette is wood, canvass and sneakers and her pieces have been featured on the walls of the Real World Philadelphia House and UPN's show, Half and Half. Her work has also been seen on the pages of singer Jill Scott's book, The Moments, The Minutes, The Hours.  And the designs on her Air Force Ones have been part of the traveling Sneaker Pimps tour.

Nestology, named so because Wilson sees it as a nest to incubate close to 20 artists, will be open through Jan. 31. The 6,000 square foot store, ironically, is right next to Urban Outfitters. I don't know about you, but Nestology will definitely be on my list of spots to hit during the Christmas shopping season. And if the store is as hot as the weekly Saturday night dance party at Fluid, it will definitely be worth checking out.