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Philadelphia's Top 25 Philly Fashion Icons

Two weeks ago, I put a call out for Philadelphians to nominate their favorite Fashion icon with Philadelphia ties after reading Time Magazine's Top 100 Fashion Icons of All Time. I loved that spread.

Thanks for your suggestions - Ann Gitter of Knit Wit has a lot of fans out there. I used them to help me compile a list of who I think are our city's Top 25 Fashion Icons. For full story see here. 

Here is a sample of the listing.

Icons/Entertainers/Best Dressed

1. Grace Kelly

2. Patti LaBelle

3. Teddy Pendergrass

4. Joanna McNeil Lewis

5. Allen Iverson


6. Tory Burch

7. Ralph Rucci

8. Willi Smith

9. Paula Hian


10. Joan Shepp

11. Ann Gitter

12. Sophy Curson

13. Suky Rosan

14. Tom Marotta

15. Syreeta Scott

16. Ben Franklin

17. Mary K. Dougherty

18. Pamela Katz

19. Sebastian McCall

20. Richard Hayne


21. QVC

22. Michelle Shannon

23. Karen Giberson

24. Kevin Parker and Kerry Scott

25. Tweety Elitou