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The Jackson 5 Reality Show. Thumbs down!

I'm a huge Michael Jackson fan. I'm a major Jackson 5 fan.  But post Michael's tragic death last June, I've lost all respect for his brothers. Still,  last night I watched A&E's: The Jackson's A Family Dynasty. Oh My. It was awful. Absolutely Awful. Here we have four grown men  clearly lamenting that their fame did not reach Michael's. Randy Jackson - of the group, not American Idol, wasn't even there. (For those who did not know, Randy replaced Jermaine after Jermaine married Berry Gordy's daughter and left the Jackson 5) The only one I had a hint of respect for was Tito. The show was a joke. Our favorite singing group in  bold-colored bell bottoms have been replaced by whiny grown men - who wear way too much foundation makeup. Their musical talent is long gone. Sigh.  Did anybody else watch this sad quest to reunite for a concert tour? Was anybody else disappointed?