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Vanilla Beane Hats at NAFAD Fashion Show

On Sunday, the National Association of Fashion and Accessory Designers presented their annual The Art of Fashion Show at Drexelbrook Caterers. What an event! These women didn't play. About 15 designers showed collections to an audience of more than 500 people that included everything from lingerie that could be worn outside  to sexy fishtail dresses to fur coats to church hats.

Speaking of church hats, I met a delightful woman named Vanilla Beane. Beane, 89, is known throughout Washington, D.C. (She has a store in the North West) for her amazing confections. She has designed hats for both of former DC Mayor, Marion Berry's wives, several judge's wives and local plays.  The hats sparkle on the hat rack and sizzle on pressed heads. In fact, she is designing a hat - all she knows right now is that it's lavender - for Civil Rights icon, Dorothy Height. Height, 97,  will wear the hat to the National Council of Negro Women's annual Uncommon Height Award on Thursday. This year Oprah is the recipient. Will the hat look like the one pictured here? Not sure, Beane said. "Ms. Height likes hats that are closer to the head but she likes sparkle." We know it's going to be beautiful. Does anybody out there own a  Vanilla Beane confection?  Did anyone go to the NAFAD show? What did you think?