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What's a Man to Do?

Mens fashion rarely changes, but when it does it's much more radical than roundtoed vs. square toed.  Over the last few years, we've watched the shape of men's clothing shrink to major body hugging status.  Some men - especially those under 25 - have embraced the "little clothes." These guys aren't afraid to dress modern; their mops of curly hair and mohawks draw even more attention to their skinny jeans.  Jeggings - the jean, legging combo - are no stranger to the artsy crowd. In fact local photographer Christopher Cabello - who just released his Varga calendar see an upcoming Mirror, Mirror column -  wears them well. But other men - especially those say, over 35 - are having a little trouble. Nothing feels good on their bodies other than the oversized and baggy, even though the closer to the body pieces accentuate well-earned muscles. (But I digress)

Today's story on the right fit on men's jeans tries to address these issues. Guys, it's time to take baby steps into fashion! We'd like to thank Jon Segal of Pants in Bryn Mawr. Men, you want to check out his store. He's found a good way to marry classic and modern looks and the labels he carries - Zachary Prell, Philadelphia's own Commonwealth Proper and AG Adriano Goldschmeid.  Men, looking for tips on how to dress snazzy this holiday season, check out these books: The Nordstrom Guide to Men's Style (Chronicle Books, 2008) by fashion trendspotter, Tom Julian and  Esquire The Handbook of Style: A Man's Guide to Looking Good. (Hearst, 2009). And lastly, we'd like to thank our models Danny Weiss and Zachary Harris for being such good sports.