No Lower Merion Township roads will be closed during next month’s U.S. Open golf tournament — but that doesn’t mean residents won’t experience a little traffic trauma.
Closed roads in neighboring Haverford Township, and the detours to get around them, probably will mean more cars along Lancaster and Ardmore Avenues and W. Wynnewood and County Line Roads, according to Lower Merion officials.
Plus, traveling from Lower Merion to locales in and on the far side of Haverford will be more challenging. Access in and to the eastern side of Haverford College, off of Lancaster Avenue, will be limited.
During the June 10 to June 16 tournament, Haverford Road, from Ardmore Avenue to College Avenue will be closed, along with part of Haverford Avenue in Haverford Township. From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. each day that week, there will be no access to College Avenue and Ellis Road.
Lower Merion Police will work with their Haverford Township peers to manage the traffic.
Road closures due to the U.S. Open can be found on the Haverford Township website. There’s also a detour map online, but it would be too small to reprint here so follow the link in this sentence to see it larger on your computer screen. Information regarding Lower Merion will be posted at the Lower Merion website, or follow @LowerMerionTwp on Twitter.

If you’re braving the crowd to be one of the crowd, it might be better to use SEPTA to get to the open. SEPTA will operate shuttles to the tournament from its Ardmore and Rosemont train stations.