The Lower Merion Township Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 28, ratified a 4-year contract on Monday that could see a wage rate increase of as much as 3.5 percent beginning next year.
Lower Merion commissioners are scheduled to vote on the pact at a Dec. 19 meeting.
“The Township is pleased to have been able to arrive at a multi-year labor agreement with our excellent police force,” said township manager Doug Cleland. “I believe the tentative agreement is both fair to our police officers as well as to the citizens of Lower Merion, and allows us to avoid the unknown of binding contract arbitration.” 
The pact also includes improvements in the officer pension and health benefits.
“The FOP Bargaining Committee worked very hard with the Township Negotiating Team in coming to a fair and balanced tentative agreement,” said Lodge 28 president Gavin Goschinski. The lodge has 128 members.    
Officials said the proposed contract is in line with recent labor agreements in other area police departments. It will cost Lower Merion about $3.5 million over the length of the contract.