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Montco recycles electronics

Have old, smallish electronics that have been living in your basement until you could find a way to recycle them? Well, here's a way.

  1. Latex Paint – NOT Hazardous (Throw in trash after it is dried out completely.)

  2. Alkaline Batteries – NOT Hazardous (Throw in trash if made after 1996.)

  3. Large Appliances/White Goods – Contact your township or trash/ recycling hauler to schedule a pick up or call Montgomery County Recycling Hotline – 610.278.3618

  4. Explosives & Ammunition – Contact your local police department or the Montgomery County Bomb Squad at 610.278.3331.

  5. Infectious or Medical Waste

  6. Radioactive Waste

  7. Asbestos

  8. Air Conditioners, De/Humidifiers, Refrigerators – Contact your township or trash/recycling hauler to schedule a pick up or call 610-278-3618 for more information. For working refrigerators contact PECO at 1-888-5-PECO-SAVE.

  9. Smoke Detectors – Send back to the manufacturer. Check the back of the item for more information OR throw in trash.

  10. Household hazardous waste