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The Memo: June 7, 2011

Good morning. Here's a sampling of Montgomery County news you may have missed.

Let the battle begin. Now that full details have been released on the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission's 422 tolling proposal, the political fight begins. And advocates are already facing some slight pushback from local leaders whose approval is necessary for the plan to move forward. [Inquirer]

Now that's a litter. It took a team of 60 doctors (but only six to eight minutes) to deliver the area's latest group of sextuplets, officials at Abington Memorial Hospital said. Born to a teacher and a bartender, the litter will now hopefully replace the brood made famous by BerksCo's Jon and Kate in the media spotlight. [Inquirer]

A 74-year old Gilbertsville woman who claimed she was not aware she had struck and killed a pedestrian while driving in Upper Providence in April will be held for trial on hit-and-run related charges. [Inquirer]

A 200-lb. black bear ran roughshod over a Gilbertsville neighborhood yesterday before state game officials managed to shoot it with a tranquilizer dart from its perch in one man's front lawn. [WPVI]